An Argus Camera club snapper was amazed to see a crafty fox catching an eel. 

Sue Barnett was enjoying a day of spotting wildlife at the Knepp Estate  at Dial Post, near Horsham, when she heard an Egyptian goose honking loudly to scare off the fox lurking in the reeds at the edge of the Hammer Pond. 

She said: "However, it turned out that it wasn't the goslings the fox was interested in!"

Tamworth piglets snoozing togetherTamworth piglets snoozing together (Image: Sue Barnett)

Sue also saw the estate's fallow deer, Tamworth pigs and piglets and longhorn cattle.

Knepp is also home to white storks which are now successfully breeding there.

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The fallow deer graze and browse on the estate, acting as natural lawn mowers and strimmers. 

White storks in their nestWhite storks in their nest (Image: Sue Barnett)

There used to be larger numbers of them there, but they have reduced to allow complex grassland to become established, and for scrub and young trees to get a foothold before being munched on by deer. 

The pigs also play an important role as they graze throughout the summer. 

Later in the year, when the ground is soft they begin rootling, which is turning over clods of turf with their snouts, in search of roots, earthworms and other invertebrates.