A sheep has died after being attacked by a dog.

Ashdown Forest confirmed on Friday that the ewe died almost 24 hours after the incident on Thursday.

The sheep was attacked in a grazing enclosure in the South Chase area of the forest and was found with bite marks on her back legs.

Despite treatment, she was unable to survive her injuries.

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A spokesman for Ashdown Forest said: "This is something that could and should have been avoided.

"Please keep dogs on leads where livestock are present. Sheep worrying is a crime which can have very serious consequences for the dog, its owner and, obviously, the livestock."

People with information about the incident have been asked to call 01342 823583 or email conservators@ashdownforest.org.

Any sightings of dogs worrying sheep should be reported on 01342 822846.

Since the incident, forest visitors have aired their concerns on social media.

Sarah Churchill said: "This is horrendous. Somebody must know something and how can they walk away and leave the poor sheep there."

Jenny Poole said: "We don’t walk on the south chase in summer, there are plenty of lovely walks with no livestock. Please keep your dogs on leads if they are even slightly likely to harm sheep, for the sake of everyone."