Schoolchildren and parents ran more than 800 miles in 24 hours as part of a big fundraising effort.

The target was for the 638 children at St Andrew’s school in Hove along with staff, parents and carers to collectively run 100 miles in a day to raise money.

They hoped to raise £5,000 for the school’s music provision, as the funding crisis facing our schools becomes more and more apparent.

David Toscano at the start of the event on ThursdayDavid Toscano at the start of the event on Thursday (Image: St Andrews)

The event – Raise 24 – was thought up by St Andrew’s parents and restaurateurs David and Libby Toscano who run Cin Cin in Western Road, Hove.

David, a keen runner, originally from Australia, worked with the teachers and the PTA to come up with the challenge and set up the event.

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He told The Argus: “At my school in Sydney, we had an annual 20km walkathon and we would get sponsored.

“It got the children active and excited.”

The event began on Thursday morning and by the end of the day the children had already ran a total of 505 miles.

David and Libby were among dozens of parents taking part and the Australian ran 21 miles over the day with the children. By the end of the challenge on Friday morning David had run 35 miles.

In total, the participants ran 840 miles and at the time of writing had raised a whopping £6,400.

Parents ran in their own timeParents ran in their own time (Image: St Andrews)

Now, teachers and parents and the children are hoping to make it an annual event.

Libby said: We are really happy with how it went and overwhelmed by the support.

“We realised Wednesday was World Running Day so we’d love to make it an annual event around this time each year.”

Sophie Thomas, headteacher at the Belfast Street school, said: "We have always needed to raise our own funds to provide the rich learning experience for the children in our care, but we have never, ever been in such a precarious financial position as we are now.

"To put it simply, without raising our own funds, we could not provide the rich music and arts programme we offer our children. We are indebted to all who have supported this campaign, and particularly David and Libby, whose generosity of time and spirit will touch the lives of all of our children in the coming years.”