A new honey-inspired bar and cafe is going from strength to strength in its first month of trading and wants to keep putting Sussex products at the forefront of its menu.

Apiary opened in Western Road, Brighton, in April with a focus on honey-inspired food and cocktails.

It has been such a hit it needs to keep stocking up on honey due to the high demand.

Alistair Bell, who opened Apiary with his wife Noemi, said: “It has been really positive. It’s amazing how many people know someone who has kept bees or has a story to tell.

“We have local honey on the shelves and in the drinks, we’ve got international honeys on the menu too.

Alistair and Noemi with their bee hivesAlistair and Noemi with their bee hives (Image: Alistair Bell)

“The Honeygroni [Apiary’s take on a negroni] has been really popular.

“We have a basement space that we want to use. It’s in the works and we want to use it as a tasting room or a party space. For us that’s our next big step.

“The man who taught my wife and I to keep bees we also use his honey, I could tell you exactly which garden that came from.”

Alistair and Noemi, both 37, opened Apiary earlier this year in the unit formerly housing Velvet Jack’s, near Norfolk Square.

The bar operates as a cafe in the day serving food and a drinks venue in the evening serving honey-based cocktails.

Drinks include the “Honeygroni”, featuring gin, “Beesou” a honey-based aperitif and vermouth, and the “Ah muzen cab”, named after the Mayan god of bees and featuring tequila, red pepper and Mexican honey.

The food menu includes padron peppers in honey miso, sausages with mead mustard and peach and ricotta toast with honey-sweetened ricotta.

The couple began making honey in lockdown after taking up beekeeping during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Alistair and Noemi aim to use some of their profits to re-invest into re-wilding projects.