A daredevil pensioner will celebrate her 80th birthday taking on a waterski slalom.

Celia Kent may be 80 years old but she shows no sign of slowing down, setting herself a tough challenge to celebrate the big day.

She will tackle the slalom on a mono waterski in Chichester's Ivy Lake in a special event organised by the Chichester Water Ski Club, where she is a member.

"At Chichester they don’t look at me and wonder why I’m doing it at my age. There’s no pressure," Celia said. The 79-year-old travels three hours to get to the lake from her home in London.

"The atmosphere is very friendly. I feel so welcome and they have been really nice to me, that's why I keep going. There are many closer places but they are not the same."

A boat, travelling in a straight line, will pull Celia at a constant speed down the course. She will have to go through gates and swing from side to side, across the boat's wake, around a series of buoys.

Slalom water skiing puts lots of stress on the body for even young people - so Celia keeps up a strict regime of going to the gym and cycling to keep her health tip-top.

She said: "I go to the gym and cycle there and back, I do two or three classes a week, I snow ski in the winter and I keep my weight down,” she says.

“I’m lucky to be fit and healthy. It could be in my genes. My mother will be 106 this weekend.”

One of the coaches who has been helping Celia prepare for the slalom challenge is Brett Hodgkins. Brett has several World, European and British titles in waterskiing and wakeboarding.

“Celia is as fit as a fiddle. Realistically, you would expect someone skiing at her level to be in her sixties. She’s a credit to us all,” he said.

“From a coaching point of view, she’s very responsive but I’m always having to tell her to back off with the aggression she puts into her skiing - she really goes for it.”

Celia will take to the water at 2pm on Saturday, June 15.