The campaign launch for a candidate who is replacing a suspended MP was marred by loud protests which forced speeches to be cut short.

Labour's Chris Ward formally kicked off his campaign for the Brighton Kemp Town seat in the upcoming General Election today with an event at St George's Church.

But it was not long before protesters started to heckle the parliamentary hopeful, who was brought in as a replacement for the previous candidate and MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle after he was suspended by the party.

St George's Church in Kemp TownSt George's Church in Kemp Town (Image: Google)

Activists from both inside and out of the party infiltrated the venue to interrupt the meeting over concerns with his previous job as director at lobbying firm Hanbury Strategy and over the party's views on the war in Gaza.

It is understood the heckling continued until Chris Ward and his team decided to leave the campaign launch early before shadow minister Chris Bryant was able to deliver his speech.

One attendee said: "It never really got started, to be honest. Protesters were screaming and shouting and Chris Ward made the decision to leave."

The Labour Party has denied this happened.

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Footage seen by The Argus shows Ward and his team walking away from the venue together towards the seafront.

Chris was born in Brighton and has worked as an aide and speech writer for Labour leader Keir Starmer. He now lives in Lewisham, London, according to election forms released tonight.

He was chosen to run in the seat one week ago after Lloyd Russell-Moyle was suspended over a "serious" allegation about his behaviour eight years ago.

The allegations have been rejected by Russell-Moyle who said he believes them to be "vexatious and politically motivated" in a statement released at the time.

Ward was named as candidate by the Labour party without consulting local members.

Lloyd Russell-MoyleLloyd Russell-Moyle

A spokesman for the Labour party said: "Over the last 14 years, the Conservatives have run our country into the ground.

"When the Greens ran the council here, they ran our city into the ground. It's time for change. Only a vote for Chris Ward and Labour will deliver the change that Brighton needs."

Ward will be facing candidates from the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Green Party in the upcoming election on July 4 among others.