Scores of children got the chance to play football at the Amex as part of a charity festival.

More than 140 people from across Sussex were given the opportunity to play on the Brighton pitch as part of a football festival run by Albion’s foundation.

The festival saw children and young people from a range of backgrounds come together with the aim to “engage and inspire” them through sport.

Mark Pedrick, of Brighton and Hove Albion Foundation, said: “We know that football is a powerful tool to engage and inspire people. This event was all about community cohesion and promoting the message that football is a sport for all.

“Getting the chance to play on a Premier League pitch, where many of their heroes have played, has been an unforgettable experience for everyone participating.”

The festival, organised alongside American Express, catered for people with disabilities, children from disadvantaged areas and young girls of all abilities.

Coaches and Amex volunteers helped to lead mini-tournament sessions for people at the event on May 31.