Neighbours have expressed opposing views over plans for a new 5G mast.

Cornerstone put forward amended proposals for a telecommunications mast in Carden Avenue, Patcham, Brighton, on June 3.

This comes just months after Brighton and Hove City Council rejected the initial plans over concerns about the visual impact of the mast and the potential harm it could have on nearby trees.

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Since then, Galliford Try, on behalf of Cornerstone, put together new plans for the same site.

This includes proposing a smaller mast than the one originally planned and carrying out an assessment on the potential damage the mast could have on surrounding tree roots.

Despite this, the plans have still been met with objections from people living across Patcham.

One person living nearby said: "Really unnecessary, why do we need these ridiculously high masts?

"And why can't the different phone companies all use the same mast? It wouldn't take much organisation to do that.

"Although the government say they are harmless, we are told a lot of things are safe (in small doses), but for those of us that would like 100 per cent health, our welfare is constantly being compromised."

Another neighbour objecting to the plans said: "5G is undoubtedly required, but we already have one 5G mast at this location which overshadows the properties on Dale Drive as they are set several metres below road level.

"Allowing additional masts and cabinets here, along with the noise they generate is unfair on the local residents. These really are very large constructions and have a negative impact on property prices.

"The existing mast should be shared by multiple providers rather than each requiring their own mast - otherwise how many masts are we expected to have here? One for each major network?

"We've gone from small and relatively subtle 3G poles which weren't much larger than a street lamp, to these huge towers. It seems very unreasonable to expect the local community to have multiples in this exact spot."

Another person living in the immediate area said: "I understand the need for better mobile provision but there have to be more suitable locations for these masts. The mast is far too tall to be in this area.

"In addition, the existing cabinets are loud during the summer (I assume due to fans cooling the equipment) which is disturbing at night, so adding more to the area is going to increase the noise.

"We are already surrounded by these cabinets at this end of Denton Drive."

Despite strong opposition, some residents are supportive of the proposals and believe the new mast will benefit the community.

One person said: "Great idea, I fully support better, stronger, up-to-date infrastructure for the local area.

"Connectivity is essential to our leisure and work lives and will become ever more so in the future. Patcham has lagged behind far too long."

Another Patcham resident said: "Improving mobile network coverage is a good thing, and has been proven safe time and time again."

The council will decide on whether to approve the new plans by July 28.