Gardeners are being warned about a big rise in "lawn-destroying" chafer grubs.

The larvae of chafer beetles are said to be a "lawn's worst nightmare" as they target gardens in Chichester.

They feed on grass roots and destroy them, leaving lawns dried out and patchy.

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Kim King, of lawn specialists GreenThumb, said: "Chafer grubs are a lawn's worst nightmare.

"They attack your lawn from underground, going straight for the roots.

"And even more damage can be caused by the likes of foxes, badgers and birds digging to try and feed on them."

More information on them, including how to treat lawns, can be found at

Chafer beetles lay eggs in spring, with the grubs hatching two to three weeks later.

People with gardens are advised to seek immediate treatment for their green spaces if they spot the grubs.

Signs that gardens are infested include loss of colour in lawns and visible grubs near the surface.