A "one in a billion" primary school teacher is in the running for a national award.

Holly Everett, of Carden Nursery and Primary School, Brighton, has been nominated for the Teacher of the Year.

Rachel Weller, the school parent who nominated her, said: "Miss Everett can only be described as ‘one in a billion'.

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"They say that there’s that one teacher in your life who really makes such a difference and for us that is Miss Everett. Over the last two years as our daughter’s teacher she has truly made the biggest impact on our lives.

“Our daughter Zoe has some complex learning needs and suffers with epilepsy. We want her to feel part of a mainstream school community and Miss Everett is the person who has enabled this and accommodated Zoe more than anyone.

"Miss Everett just knows what to do in every situation, and has every single child’s interests at heart. She’s the most caring, kind, skilled, understanding, thoughtful teacher that any child could be blessed to be taught by."

She said Miss Everett, who is 30, "deserves the world".

Rachel said: "Every day, I see children entering and exiting Miss Everett’s classroom full of happiness and excitement.

"I can attribute these reactions to the love and care Miss Everett shows to her students coupled with the exciting activities she plans for her pupils.

"Miss Everett is a real life ‘Miss Honey’. We would love to see Miss Everett win Teacher of the Year and win the prize as she deserves the world."

The winner, who will be announced in September, will receive a £500 gift card.

People can nominate teachers until August 31 at teacheroftheyear.co.uk.

Laura Sibley, headteacher at the school which is in County Oak Avenue, said: “Holly is an amazing teacher and we are lucky to have her here at Carden.

"She always goes above and beyond for all the children in her class and for children across the whole school. If you could bottle Holly to help create the perfect teacher we would.”