People have been left concerned over algae bloom in a lake.

Worthing Borough Council said it is monitoring the situation at Brooklands Park in Western Road, Worthing, after people raised concerns.

The council also said that the fish and wildlife of the lake are not in danger as a result of the algae bloom, which is a common natural occurrence during warm weather.

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A spokesman for the council said: "If you’ve visited Brooklands Park in recent days you may have noticed blooms of algae covering some of the lake’s surface.

"While much of the algae has now naturally cleared, we want to reassure you that our teams are closely monitoring the situation and are confident that the lake’s fish and wildlife are not at risk.

"A lake the size of Brooklands can deal with a medium-sized bloom and still have sufficient oxygen and sunlight for its wildlife, with the support of the aeration windmills at the lake.

"We will continue monitoring the lake and its systems over the summer to ensure wildlife is not at risk and that any algae blooms have the best chance of being naturally removed."

People have also been urged not to throw food into the lake especially when algae bloom is ongoing.