You might know that summer houses can give a little boost to your property value. But did you know that they can also enrich your life in surprising ways?

Throughout history people in many different cultures have enjoyed the benefits of summer houses. Ancient Romans would retreat from the politics and summer heat of the cities into their villa rustica’s (farmhouses or countryside villas). The top of the samurai class in Japan enjoyed the zen of tea ceremonies in their besso’s. In the UK the more wealthy city folk started to set up their garden houses by the mid-18th century, which before that were usually only found on castle grounds and country estates.

Summer houses have always been used as spaces where people can escape from their busy everyday lives. Whether it’s a lakeside retreat or a backyard haven, a summerhouse can open up fascinating new dimensions in your life.

Enhanced personal growth

A summerhouse can easily become a hub for personal growth. We’re often set in our ways as we go about our daily lives and a familiar home environment reinforces our old habits.

Summerhouses on the other hand can become a fresh backdrop for new ideas, identities and novel practices. 

Why not set up a no-tech zone? Detox from the noise of the digital world, try journaling or meditation and spend time on trying new things you’ve been putting off. 

If by any chance you’re thinking of joining the ranks of a growing number of cold plunge enthusiasts, a summer house with a veranda or even a sauna can be the perfect location for an ice bath.

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More time

Many people feel time-poor in the fast paced modern world. But there are several ways in which a summer house can help to expand our sense of time. It’s not possible to add more hours into a day, but cleverly expanding your perception can lead to a much more fulfilling and rich life.

Neuroscience tells us that new experiences slow down time for us. Spending time engaging in different activities in a summerhouse can help break the monotony of home and work and expand our lives.

Activities such as gardening, sketching or painting can induce the flow state – a deep and enjoyable focus. During flow states, time seems to pass fast, but paradoxically the activity seems longer afterwards. 

Lack of constant stimulus also makes us experience time passing by slower, leading us to feel more in control of our lives.

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Increased sense of accomplishment

Owning a summer house gives you more chances to feel proud of yourself. Most people only have one home to work on, but you have two – your main house and your summer house. In your city home, your accomplishments might be about your career. But in your summer house, especially if it's in your backyard, you get to succeed in totally different ways. 

Maybe you've finally mastered gardening and grown amazing tomatoes. Or perhaps you've learned carpentry and built a beautiful deck. Each project you finish in your summer house adds to your list of achievements.

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