A Labour government would push back plans for a new A27 bypass.

New proposals set out by the party would defer controversial proposals for the new bypass, aiming to save more than £320 million.

The money would then be used to repair over a million potholes nationwide.

Louise Haigh, shadow transport secretary, said: “Cars are a lifeline for millions up and down the country.

“They get people to work, allow parents to get kids to school and help carers support relatives, but drivers have been totally failed by this Conservative government.

“The Conservatives have left Britain’s roads plagued with potholes and have sat back as car insurance costs have spiralled out of control.

“Labour is the only party truly on the side of drivers. Our plan will fix up to a million more potholes every year, saving drivers hundreds of pounds in lower repair costs, and will crack down on soaring car insurance costs.

“We will make our roads safer for all who use them and remove the barriers which bog down our planning system, speeding up infrastructure improvements and cutting costs for taxpayers.”

In March last year, plans for the A27 bypass were pushed back until at least 2025 as part of spending cuts by the government.

The project which would see a new stretch of road cutting through the countryside has faced fierce opposition from residents close to the preferred route of the bypass.

That decision comes after the plan was already pushed back to summer 2024 due to an extended consultation process.

Opponents fear significant damage to nearby villages and countryside.