A nursery that parents call a "special place" has again been rated outstanding.

During its latest Ofsted inspection in May, the Royal Spa Nursery School in Brighton impressed inspectors who said children "adore" going to it.

They said the youngsters' days are filled with "joyful play and fascination" in a positive environment.

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An Ofsted spokesman said: "Children eagerly engage in the many opportunities they are given to learn. 

"This includes waiting to see if their butterflies can fly, to observe nature or learning how to roll down the hill. Laughter, singing and a happy hum of activity is seen across the setting.

"Carefully chosen resources help children to extend their play or there are take home prompts to help them share the rhymes and stories they are learning with their parents or carers."

Inspectors also praised staff at the nursery, in Park Hill, who they said modelled kind and polite behaviour and helped children feel safe and secure.

Children with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) have also been flourishing at the nursery, with inspectors noting that all children make strong progress and are very well prepared for their next steps.

As a result, parents are very positive about the nursery, with one saying it is "a very special place for children to be".

The curriculum and teaching were also judged to be outstanding.

Inspectors said there is a "rich learning environment" in place with children well-supported with their communication skills, reading abilities, social skills and emotional development.

Their report said: "Children benefit from the clear routines in place and support from well-trained staff. Help is also provided to ensure that children and their families know the importance of regularly attendance.

"As a result, children attend well. Children are also helped to identify and begin to manage their emotions.

"Staff know when children need individual support or comfort systems, such as special toys or blankets.

"They quickly spot if children are overwhelmed, tired or hungry. The nursery provides a high standard of care that readies children for the next stage of their education."

The nursery looks after children aged two to five.

Chairwoman of governors Emma Bennett said: "We are delighted that the Royal Spa has been recognised by Ofsted for providing outstanding nursery education.

"We are immensely proud of our staff and their dedication to nurturing our children and supporting our families, ensuring every child receives the very best start in our exceptional surroundings."