A councillor is calling for more police and residents to be on the lookout after a duck was killed in a park.

Last week, a duck was found dead in a park in Burgess Hill.

On closer inspection, it was believed the duck had been killed using a large rock which was found near the blood-covered body. Metal pellets were also found.

Following the incident, Mid Sussex District Councillor David Eggleton for Burgess Hill Franklands is taking action to prevent future incidents.

In a post on Facebook, he said: “Even though it's not in my ward, I became the first line councillor responder as the first to know about the incident.

“All of us councillors are upset about it.”

The Liberal Democrat councillor has pledged to make changes to prevent animals being killed in the future.

Cllr Eggleton said: “In collaboration with the St Andrews councillors, we are all looking at what can be done to prevent a repeat incident.

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“Sadly, we have been informed that CCTV and floodlights are unrealistic but we will be looking to help residents set up a neighbourhood watch scheme and get additional police presence in the area as a deterrent.

“If there's anything else we could or should be doing, please do let us know.

“Our residents are a really valuable resource and the source of the best ideas.”

The duck was found on the King’s Weald estate in Burgess Hill.

Emma Smillie, who lives in the area and found the body, said: “There were little metal pellets around it and there have been a lot of kids in the area using slingshots, so it looks like that's what they used, and then it looked like they killed it with a rock.”

The metal pellet that was found near the duckThe metal pellet that was found near the duck (Image: Emma Smillie)

“It's really sad. When I came across that I just thought it's such pointless aggression towards something that would never hurt you.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “Police received a report of a duck having been killed in Wyvern Way, Burgess Hill, at around 9pm on Monday, June 3.

“An investigation is ongoing to establish the full circumstances and identify any suspects.

“Anyone who has any information that could help, or saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area at that time, is asked to contact police online or via 101, quoting serial 1263 of 04/06.”