Grass verges have become so overgrown they are dangerous, says a councillor.

Independent Peter Atkinson is calling on Brighton and Hove City Council to act after the verges went uncut in April and were left to grow last month for “no mow May”.

The North Portslade councillor says the council needs to apply “common sense” after being told the verges would not be cut until July.

A council spokesman said the verges are not cut in June to “support biodiversity”.

Cllr Atkinson said: “This is totally unacceptable.

(Image: Peter Atkinson)

“We need to apply some common sense here. Overgrown grass verges can be dangerous for older people if they need to walk across them.

“They also make life very difficult for dog owners as it’s impossible to pick up dog poo if the grass is very long on the verge. You also have the problem of dogs getting seeds embedded in their paws.

“If we’re not careful the council teams will have major problems actually cutting the grass as it will simply be too long for their mowers.”

Grass on the verges outside Carden Court in Chalky Road are is nearly at the height of metal fences. 

Cllr Atkinson was first elected in 2015 as a Labour councillor but left to stand as an independent candidate in 2021.

Cllr Peter AtkinsonCllr Peter Atkinson (Image: Cllr Peter Atkinson)

He said he was “impressed” by the council for re-introducing weed spraying but needed to apply a common sense approach to verge cutting.

The council brought back glyphosate weed killer in May despite originally being banned in 2019 over fears that it can cause cancer and damage to the environment.

A council spokesman said: “Verges are cut in the early part of the spring but then left to grow and flower during May and June to support biodiversity.

“Our team does continue to cut back verges where growth makes highway visibility difficult or if residents make us aware of specific problems and we would always encourage people to contact us directly if they have concerns so we can tackle any issues as quickly as possible.”