A two-bed flat will be turned into a house in multiple occupation (HMO) after plans were approved.

Brighton and Hove City Council has given the go ahead to convert the two-bedroom flat on the first and second floors of 50 Brunswick Street West, Hove, into a three-bed HMO.

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The two bedrooms on the second floor of the property will remain the same but the existing kitchen will be turned into a third bedroom, with the chimney stack removed.

The living room will then be converted to become a communal kitchen, living and dining room area.

No external modifications are planned and the applicant said the proposal will have no major impact on the heritage asset of the mid 19th century building.

Brighton and Hove City Council approved the plans on Wednesday.

It said only a maximum of four people should live in the shared flat to ensure a "satisfactory standard of accommodation".

It also said no more rooms should be converted into bedrooms.