A bus driver who is the oldest in the city has won an award for his skills at the wheel.

Royston Shaw, 85, has been with Chichester Stagecoach full time for more than 30 years and is one of the longest-serving members of the team.

He was one of the drivers presented with a Fleet Elite award for his safe driving.

Before joining the company in 1994, Royston drove buses round London.

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More than 100 drivers picked up the award, which aims to celebrate those across the fleet who have excelled at their GreenRoad safety programme.

Stagecoach has installed the system on each bus across the fleet. It has a traffic light LED display fitted to the dashboard which monitors the performance of drivers, for example their acceleration, braking and turning.

At the end of each trip, the system converts the data into a safety score for each driver.

Those with the lowest scores, and who are therefore most safe, have now been awarded Fleet Elite status.

A total of 158 drivers across the Stagecoach South operation achieved this, with 76 also achieving the "Master Fleet Elite Status", which is when they have been at Fleet Elite standard for five or more years.  

Drivers were awarded for their safety skills (Image: Stagecoach South)

Some 51 drivers achieved the bronze standard status in their first year.

Carol Sim, operations director at Stagecoach South, said: “I’m extremely proud to see so many of our drivers receive Fleet Elite status.

"This is a real testament to the quality of our driving team and their commitment to driving safely and efficiently.

“Smoother, fuel-efficient driving is safer and provides more comfortable journeys for our customers as well as helping to cut our carbon footprint and meet our sustainability targets.

"Congratulations to every one of our drivers who were awarded this year."

The system as put in place to help improve road safety, the safety of passengers and drivers, and to reduce the risk of accidents.