A warning has been issued after multiple incidents of people being cut off by high tides at the base of cliffs.

Lewes District Council said this has happened a number of times in the last few years, leaving people at risk of drowning, shock and falling chalk from cliffs.

A spokesman for the council said: "In the last few years there have been multiple incidents of people getting cut off by the tide at the base of cliffs.

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"This put them at risk of drowning, cold-water shock and chalk falling from cliffs above. They all had to be rescued by the coastguard.

"Always check tide times before walking along beaches and stay away from the base of cliffs."

People can check tide times at https://www.tidetimes.org.uk/.

People in an emergency at sea or by the coast should contact the coastguard on 999.

They should also make sure to tell someone where they are going and what time they aim to be back before setting off.