A man who lives off a diet of 70 per cent foraged foods claims he cures his pain with stinging nettles.

Jack Page, 31, has been in pain for the last four years after a suicide attempt left with severe injuries.

But after learning about foraging he started using plant-based medicine to help ease his agony.

He claims using cleavers - a climbing plant - on his legs helped him to walk again.

He now drinks a juice made from it daily for pain management as well as rubbing stinging nettles on his joints.

Jack makes juices with his foraged plantsJack makes juices with his foraged plants (Image: SWNS)

Jack, a full-time forager from Crawley, said: "I would say I live off 70 per cent of what I forage.

"I use stinging nettles on the affected areas for 30 seconds. It helps with my pain."

Jack has always struggled with his mental health and had a breakdown in November 2020 when he tried to take his own life.

He spent a year in hospital recovering from his injuries and was left in a wheelchair.

After meeting a woman in a pub they stuck up a friendship and she helped him learn about plant medicine.

He used a plant called comfrey for eight months in a blended mixture applied on his leg and says it has helped his bone growth.

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Jack said: "All my injuries were on my left side. They wanted to amputate my leg.

"My legs are getting better but I’m still in a lot of pain."

Jack's leg was badly injured after he tried to take his own lifeJack's leg was badly injured after he tried to take his own life (Image: SWNS)

Jack spent months teaching himself about foraging and switched up his diet to eat off the land.

He supplements his foraged foods with some fish and rice that he buys from the shops.

Jack says he spends around £50 a week on food.

He said: "I eat a lot of stinging nettles, mushrooms, cleavers and horsetail."

Jack Page forages mushroomsJack Page forages mushrooms (Image: SWNS)

After an eczema flare-up in early 2023 he said using cleavers he was able to clear it up.

Jack blends the plant up with some water, before straining it to make a juice.

He also uses stinging nettles on where he experiences pain on his legs for around 30 seconds to relieve it.

Jack said: "I'm surprised how healing it is.

"It helps my mental health too, the connection with nature."