A man shot at a woman’s windows, left his own poo on her doorstep and shouted abuse at her in a tirade of harassment.

Lindsey Davenport, 59, shot and damaged a woman’s windows and harassed her for nearly two months.

Police officers also found knuckle dusters and a samurai sword in his home. He pleaded guilty to eight offences.

A hearing at Lewes Crown Court heard how Davenport, now in HMP Lewes, shot at the woman’s windows in Carlton Hill, Brighton, using an air pistol in October last year.

Around a month later, Davenport left his own faeces on the woman’s doorstep before returning two days later to hurl abuse at her outside her house.

Later that week on November 9, Davenport left a “foul-smelling liquid” smelling of “ammonia and urine” on her doorstep.

When police visited his home in Lennox Street, Brighton, Davenport was also found to own a knuckle duster and a samurai sword.

The court heard yesterday that Davenport’s victim was distressed by the prolonged campaign of harassment.

Davenport was said to be suffering from a serious mental health crisis at the time of the offences.

Davenport pleaded guilty to six offences including criminal damage, harassment to put in fear of violence and possession of a firearm with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Davenport also admitted two lesser counts of possessing a weapon in a private place.

Judge Christine Laing said Davenport would remain in custody and would be sentenced in July, where he could receive a hospital order.