A couple who were matched on Married At First Sight and tracked each other down when their episode was cancelled have tied the knot.

Ally Todd, 39, from Worthing, and her partner, Paul, 36, were due to appear on the reality TV show in March 2020 but their nuptials were cancelled due to the lockdown in the UK.

Paul, a train driver, was determined to meet the woman he had been paired with and, having only known her first name, he begged the producers for her details.

He then contacted Ally, a medical insurance manager, and the pair hit it off straight away.

They got engaged in June 2021 and had a baby, Penelope, now two, in July 2021.

The pair finally married at Brighton's Royal Pavilion last month, four years after their cancelled TV wedding.

The pair got married in Brighton Pavilion (Image: SWNS)

They had Married At First Sight experts Paul Brunson and Gen Gresset in attendance and Penelope as their flower girl.

The couple now lives in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset. Ally said: "It was better than we expected. It was a really fun wedding. I was just so happy.

"Paul  said we were the most organic and genuine match that they have put together.

"Paul and I were made for each other."

Paul said: "It went very well. We got to chat to Paul and his wife. It was so special they made the effort."

Ally and Paul were due to appear on Married At First Sight but had their wedding cancelled three days before it was due to take place.

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Ally Acklan and Paul Todd took romantic pictures at Brighton beach bandstandAlly Acklan and Paul Todd took romantic pictures at Brighton beach bandstand (Image: SWNS)

They met up in person when Covid restrictions eased and fell in love.

Paul popped the question by getting down one knee at a picnic at the beach in June 2021.

Ally gave birth to little Penelope a month later on July 3, 2021.

Ally said: "It's all been a bit of a whirlwind - meeting, falling in love, getting engaged and falling pregnant - but we are just so happy.

"Having our little girl, Penelope, has just been the icing on the cake."

For their wedding Paul wore the original suit he had picked out for their TV ceremony but Ally opted for a £100 ASOS dress after not feeling as comfortable in her original wedding gown.

Penelope walked down the aisle first followed by the bridesmaids and then Ally.

Ally with Penelope as a little babyAlly with Penelope as a little baby (Image: SWNS)

Ally said: "She loved being with all her family.

"She loved being a little princess for the day. We just felt so proud of her."

The couple are planning to go to Morocco for their honeymoon in September.

Ally said: "People say it doesn't feel different but it does for me. I feel more connected.

"It's lovely having the same surname.

"I'm happier that it has worked out this way. We got to plan everything we wanted."