The Royal Pavilion has been crowned the top wedding destination.

The Brighton landmark topped the chart for destination-inspired weddings due to its resemblance to the Taj Mahal.

Pandora UK also took into consideration local weather, average temperatures and reviews of the shortlisted venues, with the Pavilion coming out on top as the ideal “Bridgerton style” venue.

The Sussex landmark, constructed for King George IV, beat Cornwall’s St Michael’s Mount, which placed second, and Cardiff’s Castile Coch, which placed third, in the list of doppelganger destinations to tie the knot.

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Google reviewers scored the regal venue 77 out of 100 on romanticism, with an average temperature of 12 degrees annually.

Researchers found June to be the Pavilion’s warmest month, but chose August as the month for optimal wedding weather due to its low winds.