Ukrainian families gathered in Brighton city centre in the pouring rain following the Russian attack on a children’s hospital. 

Missiles bombarded a children’s hospital in Kyiv on Monday, killing dozens and injuring more than 130 people.

Members of the Ukrainian community in Brighton gathered outside Churchill Square on Tuesday evening to condemn the attack with a vigil and to renew awareness of the war in their country.

Valerie Zabashta, 25, said: “It’s very hard to talk about because it is all very emotional but we still need to talk about it.

“I speak to so many people and get questions like ‘is the war over now?’ when I check the news daily and talk to my family in Ukraine every day.

Ukrainian families holding flags and placardsUkrainian families holding flags and placards (Image: The Argus)

“Our cities are getting shelled daily and we need to remind people that we don’t deserve this.”

Those at the vigil were joined by campaigners holding flags and placards condemning the Russian attacks and standing in solidarity with Ukraine.

Ukrainian refugees marked the second anniversary of the Russian invasion in February.