Sorry readers for not blogging for a while. The last few weeks of glorious sunshine have kept me from the computer during most evenings and weekends. It’s not even as if I’ve been doing that much; lolling about on the beach eating picnics and slurping ice cream has pretty much filled all my spare time.

But now the weather has turned I’ve ditched the 99s and am doing my best to get back on track with my antenatal fitness regime and my plans for childbirth.

I stopped going to the gym a few weeks ago and, feeling guilty that I’ve not kept on with any aerobic activity, have just replaced the workouts with swimming. Also last Thursday I attended my first pregnancy yoga class at yogahaven . It was great. Ten of us mums-to-be stretched, breathed deep and omed our way to chilled out bliss. As I left the studio I felt relaxed, strong and totally at ease with how my life is changing.

So at ease in fact, that I’ve decided to find out more about childbirth. Until now, readers, I have to admit I’ve avoided the subject. All I’ve read - at arm's length with a screwed-up face – is a cursory guide in a free magazine. But now I think I am ready to start finding out more. I’m going to get on the net after blogging and might even buy a book. Do any readers out there have any suggestions of good, informative (and not too frightening) sites and/or books for me?

I really am buzzing positive energy at the mo. This first month of my third trimester (I’m at 30 weeks now) has been fab. The only glitch was me having another urinary tract infection three weeks ago. I’m guzzling about three litres of water and cranberry juice a day now to keep the infection at bay.

As for the wee one, it’s moving around lots inside, especially when I’m most chilled which tends to be late at night or in the morning. I can see my whole belly judder and wobble about at times. When this happens, I shriek at Nick because I want him to see and feel the baby too.

I really wish he could have just a day with the baby inside and feel how amazing the sensation is of it moving about. The little kicks and wriggles fill me with so much joy.