Big Brother started again this week and I just know I’ll end up watching again this year, despite my better judgement. Reality TV has an awful lot to answer for, such as filling our screens with silly wannabe celebrities, but the homeopathy geek in me loves working out which ‘constitutional’ remedy each housemate needs, even after a long day in the clinic treating patients.

It’s satisfying to find a homeopathic ‘match’ to each contestant – the clues are there in their characters, likes, dislike and foibles. Do they drink all the milk in the BB fridge? Maybe peas and beans don’t agree with them? Are they tidy or messy around the house? Are they often “cooooold”, like last year’s Nikki Grahame, or do they constantly want fresh air? Do they get angry, depressed or anxious when tasks go wrong?

Answers to questions like these help us professional homeopaths to choose one or more of over 3,500 homeopathic remedies that would be expected to help (physically, emotionally or mentally). This is why a good homeopathic consultation is such a detailed experience, and why homeopaths are genuinely interested in every aspect of their patients’ lives and symptoms.

Even the Husband, who’s picked up bit about homeopathy over the years living with a homeopath, has been known to offer remedy suggestions while watching Big Brother. Although I should point out that (ahem) apparently he only watches the show so he can keep me company.

Disclaimer: Any views or advice in this weblog should not be taken as a substitute for medical advice or treatment, especially if you know you have a specific health complaint.

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