As a science geek, I am usually a bit of a stickler for things like peer reviewed studies and evidence and stuff like that. But I'm also wont to the occasional flight of fancy and am pretty fond of making my own stuff up - like my latest obsession with hot yoga, which I have decided will speed up the whole tattoo-takey-offey process.

The idea with the laser treatment is it shatters the ink particles, making them small enough for your body to dispose of naturally. In my head, the exercise and sweat of hot yoga speeds up that disposal process, not because of any real evidence, just because I've decided it should be that way. Of course, I can't even test my theory because I can't do hot yoga with only half my body and leave the other half as a control.

Regardless of my ridiculous brain, it has actually really helped the scab heal. It's not been nearly as itchy as it was last time and a week after the treatment it's nearly gone already. Alas that means it's time to go back for another treatment, so I'm off to find myself an anaesthetic cream.