Speed cameras across Sussex are to be torched and blown up by a band of arsonists.

Anti-camera campaigners have promised to attack the machines across the county in a targeted campaign of vandalism.

A camera on the A283 in Pulborough was destroyed this morning after it was set alight. A spokesman for Motorists Against Detection (MAD), run by the infamous Captain Gatso who has waged war against speed cameras across the country, said: “It may have been one of our members. We have promised a campaign throughout the summer deliberately targeting cameras.

“Whether it was one of ours or not, there will certainly be more destroyed in Sussex later this year.”

The organisation announced a ‘summer of madness’, promising a "period of zero tolerance against all speed cameras”.

Captain Gatso said: “The residents of Sussex are fed up with the cameras.

“They are not seeing a reduction in casualties on the roads. We will be in action right through the summer taking a stand against speed cameras.² Firefighters from Storrington were called to the torched camera, near Skeyne Drive, at around 1am yesterday and took around 15 minutes to put the blaze out.

On other occasions when speed cameras have been set on fire, others have quickly followed.

One was attacked on the A264 in Slinfold, near Horsham on October 21 2007 followed by another on November 11 in London Road, East Grinstead, and then a third on the A24 at Dial Post, near Horsham, on November 16.

Speed cameras in other parts of the county, including on the A259 at Ferring where nine-year-old CJ Oakford was run down and killed, have also been set on fire and destroyed.

Sussex Safety Camera Partnership condemned MAD’s promised campaign.

A spokeswoman said: “All Sussex cameras have been installed where people have been killed or seriously injured.

“I would suggest that before Mad take action against our cameras they speak to the loved ones of those who have been lost and injured at each site to see how they feel.

“At camera sites during 2005 and 2006 we reduced the number of people killed or seriously injured by 67% compared to when before cameras were installed so clearly they are working as a casualty reduction tool.

“The emotional savings are immeasurable and Mad wants to take that away from the people.”