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Naturists bared all despite howling winds and driving rain to prove that life can be a beach when you’re naked.

British Naturism held an open day at Brighton nudist beach on Saturday to encourage more people to strip off.

About a dozen people turned up despite the weather, but plans to attract new members were washed up by the wintry conditions.

There was tea and coffee on hand as members struggled to put up a gazebo in the strong winds, and finally gave up after about 15 minutes.

Plans to play games like volleyball and beach badminton were ruined as the heavens opened and the driving rain forced the hardy souls to admit defeat. Andrew Welch, of British Naturism, said: "Sadly the weather has just not been on our side today, but we want people to know this beach is here and they should use it.

"In this country naturism still suffers from the perception of being a bit weird and a bit strange.

"Naturists aren’t exhibitionists, we’re very respectful and it is a very sociable activity.

"People should understand that taking off your clothes is not only OK but good for us as human beings.

"Not everyone understands it but it can solve a lot of issues, like body image for example. People realise there is no such thing as the perfect body.

"It is nice to feel the sun and the breeze on your skin, it’s perfectly natural."

British Naturism exists to unite and support naturists and aims make social nudity more acceptable across the UK.

It launched in 1964 and now boasts 16,000 members and around 130 sun clubs and swim groups.

Newcomers are always welcomed and are not be expected to remove their clothes straight away.

Leah Watkins, 19, from Patcham, Brighton, is a member of Young British Naturists.

She said: "This is completely normal to me because my parents are both naturists so I grew up with it.

"I would recommend it to anyone, it is very liberating and you get to meet some fantastic people."Some people think naturists are all middle-aged men but that is not the case at all.

"I know to some it seems weird but it is normal to me. Most people admit to walking around the house naked when they get the chance - this is just an extension of that."