Giant spiders have been banned from a roundabout because of fears they could scare drivers into crashing.

The Highways Agency is forcing Arundel Gallery Trail to remove the sculptures from the A27 roundabout only ten days after they were installed because of concerns they could cause an accident.

The Causeway roundabout has been used as a gallery for up-and-coming artists for more than a decade.

But an agency investigation, sparked by one complaint, concluded the arachnoid art was too dangerous because it could distract motorists.

Sculptor Stuart Slade, 34, a mature fine art student at Northbrook College, said: “There have been sculptures on that roundabout for 15 years without any problems.

“I put a lot of heart into creating these sculptures and feel gutted I am going to have to take them down. You take it on the chin when people say they do not like your art but to have to remove it because it is a giant spider is hard to take.”

The Curious Scuttle-Heads are designed to be a race of mutants from the future which are part insect, part human and part machine.

They are supposed to be the result of a genetic experiment carried out to create beings that can survive in hostile conditions.

Mr Slade said he enjoyed experimenting with various materials but was extremely disappointed that his first major display had been scuppered.

Michelle Scott, of the Arundel Gallery Trail, said she could not understand why a 10ft tall chicken statue had been allowed on a Dorking roundabout for more than a year, while the spider sculptures were being removed.

She said: “There seems to be one person that has made a real issue out of it. We are looking at alternative sites and will remove the sculptures by the end of the week.”

A Highways Agency spokesman said this year’s decision did not preclude installations in the future but the scale and style of future sculptures would need to be discussed.

Regarding the Dorking feature, he said the roundabout was the responsibility of that council.

He added: “We have an agreement with the organisers for them to put up the sculptures.

“Unfortunately, the sculptures they have put up this year are relatively large and we have had a complaint.

“It has been investigated and there is a risk to the safety of drivers.”

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