A psychologist has suggested a simple method for people to beat the credit crunch blues - giving money away.

Paul Grantham, a chartered clinical psychologist from Uckfield, said taking control and doing something positive for others could help people gain a better perspective on what may be happening in their lives.

He said a few hours a week working in a charity shop or making a small donation to a good cause would help people feel a bit better about themselves.

As many struggle to cope with the impact of the credit crunch or rising costs in fuel bills, Mr Grantham said focusing on the good things in your life could help.

He said: "Obviously we cannot take away the seriousness of people who may be struggling financially but research has shown that those who can effectively count their blessings may feel better about how they can deal with things.

"How skilled a person is at dealing with an issue can make all the difference."

Mr Grantham has been studying research for a series of teaching conferences his company, The Skills Development Service, has held on positive therapy.

Mr Grantham said: "Even if you don t see the immediate benefit, just knowing you have done something can help."

He highlighted Channel 4 programme The Secret Millionaire as an example, where wealthy people go undercover to visit needy projects and decide which one to donate to.

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