A council has been awarded £1.6 million to encourage cycling.

The Government has reaffirmed Brighton and Hove’s status as a cycling demonstration town with the extra funding.

In October 2005 the city was selected to be one of six national showcases for the promotion of cycling.

Geoffrey Theobald, Brighton and Hove City Council cabinet member for the environment, welcomed the extra cash and said he will release details of where the money is to be spent in November.

Councillor Gill Mitchell, leader of the Labour group said: "The council has been given this money because of the huge progress made over the past three years to increase participation in cycling by making cycling around the city safer and easier."

Councillor Ian Davey, Green member of the council’s environment scrutiny committee, said: "Brighton and Hove has the potential to be a great cycling city but all too often people tell me they are surprised to hear we are a cycling demonstration town."