A town is preparing to mark the first anniversary of an incredible seaside spectacle.

Last January thousands of tonnes of wood from the Ice Prince cargo ship washed ashore at Worthing.

Now artists and councillors have joined forces to discuss how the historic wreck should be celebrated.

They hope to stage a series of events over a weekend in January to mark the anniversary.

And there are plans to commission a series of works which will create a permanent memorial to the incredible scenes.

Worthing enjoyed a winter tourism boom when the timber washed ashore after the Ice Prince sank off Dorset.

People remember not only the sight of the wood piled high along the beach, but also the pine smell and the sound of wood splintering as breakers smashed it against the shingle.

A panel with a £4,000 budget has now shortlisted a series of ideas including a live performance, which would be filmed, based on an ice prince fairytale theme, a stained glass window, and paintings.

In addition, March¹s annual fruit throwing competition, commemorating the 1901 Indiana shipwreck, which resulted in tens of thousands of oranges and lemons being washed up on Worthing beach, might be brought back to January.

There are also plans for a photographic exhibition and talk of commissioning ice sculptures.