Europe's oldest man has rejoined the Scouts 100 years after he first joined the movement.

Henry Allingham, 112, who is the last surviving member of the RAF to have served in the First World War, joined the 6th Brighton Scouts for their 30th birthday celebrations.

Mr Allingham, who lives in Ovingdean, Brighton, went along to his local Scouts with his cousin before the the war and took part in camping and other activities for about six weeks before he had to leave. He said: “I really enjoyed it and wanted to join but I was unable to do so because my mum could not afford the uniform.”

When the 6th Brighton Scout group heard Harry had missed out on a hundred years of scouting they invited him to their birthday event where he was invested as a Scout.

Chris Denham, a 12-year-old Scout, presented Mr Allingham with a special certificate on behalf of the Chief Scout.

He said: “It was great to meet Henry.

“It’s cool that he is exactly 100 years older than I am and I feel really proud to have met him.

“He was great. He spoke to loads of the Cubs and Beavers who were celebrating the group’s 30th birthday party.

“They will always remember meeting him.”

Simon Carter, from the Scout Association, said: “Henry was a real inspiration to the girls and boys in the 6th Brighton. He is certainly the oldest living Scout in the whole of Europe and probably the oldest living Scout in the world.

“Henry had a sparkle in his eye when he joined in the celebrations with 120 youth members, leaders and parents to celebrate the group’s birthday.

“He told me that just being around young people and adults with so much energy and enthusiasm for life made him feel young again.”