Children's favourite Noddy – the little man with the red and yellow car – is to be brought back to life in a new book as part of the 60th anniversary of the Enid Blyton creation.

Hove artist Robert Tyndall, one of the original Noddy illustrators, has been painting and drawing the character since 1953, and will put paint to paper once again for a new book called Noddy's Birthday Surprise.

Chorion, the company which owns the rights to Noddy has said it wants the book to be in the style of the original books and as such have turned to Robert and a descendant of the author.

He will do the illustrations while Blyton's granddaughter, Sophie Smallwood, is re-reading all 24 of the original Noddy books for inspiration for the story.

The artist, who describes himself as a very fit 80-year-old, was the primary Noddy illustrator for 15 years from 1953 until the death of Blyton in 1968.

The new book, which is scheduled for publishing for Noddy's 60th anniversary in November next year, will be the first time Robert has drawn the little chap professionally for more than 40 years.

Robert's original Noddy illustrations are currently on display at the Animation Art Gallery in London's County Hall as part of an exhibition held to mark the year-long countdown to the 60th anniversary celebrations.

The exhibition is due to run until the end of the month.