A life-size advent calendar is coming to Brighton.

From December 1 to December 24, people will be able to open up one of the seafront beach huts every day to reveal a new, everchanging festive display.

The event has been organised by Beyond, a new church initiative for the city which has been arranging several art displays including a light display at the Old Market theatre on November 11.

Organiser Martin Poole, self-financing Church of England priest, said: “I wanted to find a creative way for people to think about spirituality since Brighton and Hove is such a creative place.

“A survey has shown it is the second highest city in the country for people saying they have a form of spiritual belief but fourth from the bottom for churchgoing – so I wanted to take spirituality out into the community.

“This is not a moneyraising exercise. We are not raising money for the church although beach hut owners can put out charity buckets for charities of their choice if they wish.”

It’s believed this is the first event of it’s kind in the world.

One of the artists creating an advent display, Janette Tozer, said she heard about the idea on the radio.

Mrs Tozer, 53, said: “I heard Martin talking about it and thought it would be a great plan.

“I asked a friend if I could use their beach hut and am planning my display now.

“It will be based around We Three Kings and people can open their door to it on December 18 and then I will do a slightly different one for December 21.

“It’s great for me because I raise money for historic churches in the area anyway so this is just another way to help.”

The contents of each beach hut will be arranged on the day and the door to the hut will be opened at 5.30pm for an hour.

Unlike the chocolate calendars, no cheating previews will be allowed.

For details contact Martin Poole on 01273 747919.