Cyclists are to blame for a third of the accidents they are involved in, a senior traffic policeman has said.

Police are pledging to crack down on cyclists who ignore red lights, ride on pavements irresponsibly and without lights in the dark and stray from cycle paths and routes marked out for them on spaces shared with pedestrians.

Last year in Brighton and Hove 131 cyclists were injured in collisions, 23 of them seriously.

Inspector Phil Clarke said: "In one third of these incidents the cyclist was at fault, which demonstrates two things.

"Firstly, cyclists need to exercise more care and be responsible and secondly they are vulnerable to the actions of other road users.

"There is an increasing problem in the city with some cyclists riding irresponsibly and sometimes unlawfully."

He said work is being done to make the city more cycle-friendly and make drivers aware of the risks they can pose.

He added: "The city has and continues to develop facilities for cyclists in an effort to make cycling safer and more enjoyable.

"Cyclists have a responsibility to do their bit by complying with the law, riding sensibly and showing the same level of consideration to other road users, that they expect from them.

"Those who wish to ride carelessly or contravene legislation that applies to them, can expect to be dealt with robustly."

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