A Russian-registered cargo ship has lost 1,500 metric tonnes of timber in rough seas off the Sussex coast.

The timber carrying ship lost its load on the first anniversary of the sinking of the Ice Prince off Dorset, when 2,000 tonnes of wood washed off the decks and drifted ashore along the Sussex coast with Worthing bearing the brunt.

Coastguards said the Russian ship Sinegorsk was battered by heavy winds 14 miles off the coast south of Beachy Head this morning.

The timber was washed off its deck - in almost identical circumstances to those whch surrounded the Ice Prince on this day last year.

The wood is expected to wash ashore within the next ten hours - and could end up in East Sussex.

The Sinegorsk was bound for Alexandria in Egypt.

It is currently being escorted to the Solent by Newhaven lifeboat where it may dock at either Portsmouth or Southampton or drop anchor in calmer waters.