A grandmother suffered broken bones and a bloody face after she was hit by a cyclist riding on the pavement.

Amanda Sewell, 64, suffered shattered bones in her hand and a black eye when a teenager on a mountain bike ploughed into her.

The incident happened on Monday at about 3.30pm in Marine Parade, Brighton.

Mrs Sewell, a grandmother of one, said: "I was crossing the pavement, almost at the railings overlooking the beach, when he hit me.

"I was knocked to the ground and had blood pouring from my mouth.

"It was dazzling sunlight and I can only think he didn't see me. He was about 19 years old.

"He stopped but then told me it was my fault and I shouldn t have been there. I was so angry.

"I told him I had every right to be there because it was a pavement for pedestrians and told him he must be much more careful in future because he could hit a child, but he just cycled off."

Mrs Sewell, from Kemp Town, went to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and was treated for her injuries.

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