I'm A Celebrity star David Van Day has told how he banned his children from seeing him because he was so horrified at how he looked.

The former Dollar frontman went under the knife before he went into the jungle for the ITV show.

But the 52-year-old thought he looked so ugly after the facelift that he barred his two daughters from looking at his face.

Olivia, 16, and Amber, 12, had to wait eight weeks before they could see their father.

He said: "My head was the size of a TV and I don't want them to see what it was like."

Van Day had the surgery for the Living TV series Pop Goes The Band, which starts on Monday.

He said: "The idea of the show is to get whatever done and then go back eight weeks later to reveal the new you.

"When I went back I was still swollen, but now it's 100 times better.

"I haven't watched the show yet and can't really remember what I looked like before, but it was pretty saggy and baggy.

"In the jungle it was still settling down. Now I'm very pleased with it - it's done wonders."

Van Day said he is in such demand after I'm A Celebrity that he has been asked to host a 1980s show tour in October.