Former boxer Chris Eubank has rubbished claims that he is living in a hotel.

A Sunday newspaper claimed that Mr Eubank, who was declared bankrupt in 2005, has been staying at MyHotel in Jubilee Street, Brighton, for the past four months.

But Mr Eubank told The Argus that the claims were not true and that he moves around all the time.

He said: “I stay here quite often, about two or three days a week.

“But I move around a lot and I have a number of places where I stay. I like this hotel, it's central and the staff are nice.”

Mr Eubank, 42, is paying £149 per night for the room.

He added: “I will always be in Brighton.”

Mr Eubank’s ex-wife, Karron Stephen-Martin, now lives in Rottingdean.

The former boxer earned more than £35 million from his time in the ring.

He was once so rich that he reportedly used Evian water to wash his hands at petrol stations.

He was declared bankrupt by the Inland Revenue owing £1.3 million to the taxman.

Mr Eubank was forced to sell his £4 million Brighton mansion and another £850,000 home in Hove to pay off his debts.

Before he was declared bankrupt, he had a whole drawer filled with cumberbunds, bow ties and handkerchiefs.

At one time, he apparently owned 60 Saville Row bespoke suits which cost £2,600 each, jumpers by Gianfranco Ferre at £300 and at least 30 pairs of boots by Schneiders, of Clifford Street, at more than £400 a pair. He even once boasted of owning jodhpurs costing £1,175 a pair.

He reportedly once paid £30,000 for a ten-day stay at the Palace of the Lost City in Sun City, South Africa.