Residents are calling for controversial new communal bins to be soundproofed after continually being woken by them slamming shut.

The sound of metal on metal is causing headaches for people in areas of Brighton and Hove.

The bins were installed in streets across the city to tackle problems with rubbish collection. But people in Regency ward, particularly in Regency Square, have said not only is the noise from the bins keeping them awake but the bins are not the ones they were told they would get.

Roger Hinton, chairman of the Regency Society, said: “For people who have got a bin outside their house there are two problems. One is that when the rubbish is collected it is noisy - one resident was woken at 6.40am and because it’s got this rather small lid and is made of metal which has to be opened by hand it bangs open and shut.”

He said people were also worried about what was going to happen in the summer because the bins were often left open and could become smelly.

He said during a trial period, bins with foot pedals were placed in some streets, allowing people easier access to them when it came to throwing away their rubbish.

But the bins provided were different. Mr Hinton said: “There is quite a lot of unhappiness about the way the consultation was carried out.”

Green councillor Jason Kitcat claims the council had consulted residents on the new style of bins but when he put in a Freedom of Information request asking for evidence of the consultation he said the council could not provide any documentation.

He said rubber stoppers would be a solution to the problem He said: “People who were against the bins are even more outraged. Old people struggle to open these newly designed bins because they do not have the upper body strength.

“It’s also metal on metal so it makes a terrible noise. Residents have told me the noise is waking them and their children up and they really shouldn’t have to endure it.”

A city council spokesman said: “The new style bins were introduced to reduce banging noises and were trialled in Craven Vale and Donald Hall Road a few years ago, where they worked well.

“Consultation on the extension of the communal bins scheme was carried out last year.”