Uncleared glass in the road is causing punctures for cyclists across Brighton and Hove.

One cyclist has suffered four flat tyres in a week because of the sharp objects.

Steve Prince, 47, has branded himself as the unluckiest man in the city because of the punctures.

Mr Prince, of Golf Drive, Brighton, said: “I’m sick of it, i’m absolutely sick of it.

“I’m beginning to feel like I’m Brighton’s unluckiest man. It’s as if glass is following me around.

“I’m fed up with people not doing their jobs.”

The latest happened in Hollingdean Road - just yards from Brighton and Hove City Council’s waste depot.

He has also picked up punctures in Dyke Road, Lower Hollingdean Road and Roedale Road and now carries four inner tubes around with him everywhere he cycles.

Mr Prince said: “The past three weeks have been a nightmare. I’ve been having two or three punctures a week.

“Last weekend I bought three new inner tubes and I’ve gone through them all.

“I’ve even bought a rack to go on my girlfriend’s car so I can be picked up.

“It’s stopping me from getting around. I can’t afford the bus.

“The council is telling us to cycle and go green but they are the ones who can’t clean the streets properly.”

Tony Green, of Bricycles, the Brighton, Hove and district cyclist group, said: “No cyclist wants to get a puncture. It is a bit of a nuisance, especially when the rain is coming down.

“We have had two or three people coming to us about glass in the streets. They say the recycling lorries are the cause.”

Mr Prince’s complaints have come in the city council’s Year of Walking and Cycling.

Brighton was also selected as a national exemplar Cycling Town from 2009 to 2011.

A council spokesman said: “Streets outside the city centre are cleaned regularly and areas are monitored.

“If residents experience specific problems they can report them to Cityclean on 01273 292929 or online at www.brighton-hove.gov.uk.”

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