A survivor of a horrific nailbomb attack has used his experience to write a play.

Jonathan Cash was just a few feet away from the nailbomb which exploded at The Admiral Duncan pub in Soho, London, on April 30 ten years ago.

Three people died in the lone terrorist’s campaign against minority groups and Mr Cash suffered a number of injuries to his face, shoulder, hands and legs.

A photograph taken moments after the attack shows Mr Cash on the ground outside the pub.

After moving to Brighton to recover from the ordeal he began a writing course which changed his life. His play The First Domino will premiere at Brighton Festival Fringe.

Mr Cash said: “I had always wanted to write. I did a drama degree when I was 18 but hadn’t really done anything with it.

“I was 29 when the bombings happened. After going through that, when I eventually had my life back together, I realised I wanted to write.

“Things like that make you reassess your life. I received some compensation money for the bombing and decided to do something life-changing with it.”

Mr Cash took a masters degree in dramatic writing at the University of Sussex and wrote The First Domino as part of his course.

He said: “The course is the best thing I have ever done.

“Writing the play wasn’t therapy at all because it needed an objective, clear voice. If it had been written as therapy it wouldn’t have made a good drama as it wouldn’t have been objective.

“The story is about a fictional bomber being interviewed by a doctor and I just used some of my experiences to create a play.

“I think the play really challenges people about their expectations. The terrorist character I’ve created is very charismatic and articulate.”

The play tells the story of a nail bomber and his prison doctor who develop a strange relationship as cat and mouse games begin between them.

Mr Cash said: “It took four or five years to rebuild my life and it is appropriate in a way that the play is going to be performed in Brighton as it is such a beautiful and diverse place.”

The play is directed by Faynia Williams and produced by Brighton Theatre.

It will be performed at the Latest Music Bar in Manchester Street, Brighton, from May 19 to 23 at 7pm, with a matinee on May 23 at 3pm.

Tickets cost £10 or £8 concessions which are available by calling 01273 709709 or visiting www.brightonfestivalfringe.org.uk.