And now, the end is near......

So, as the song goes, The Party's Over...... and what a way to end it.... May Day Bank Holiday, overcast skies and the culmination of a long hard season,the Boro squad were just 90 minutes away for a well earned rest!

With the FA of Sussex taking over Priory Lane for the afternoon, Happy Jacks bar was the place to be seen. Home and away, and I still have no idea if Eastbourne were technically at home or not, mingled and chatted while squeezing them selves into the confines of a smaller drinking hole than usually on offer.

From a personal point of view it gave me a much simpler task as the Bar Steward (yes I know, say it quickly and it's funny) and I ended up spending best part of an hour being a "Lollipop Man" to ensure road safety outside the door!

The game itself didn't set the gloomy cold skies alight but after 96 minutes Nathan lit a fuse to ensure that the men in red could walk from the pitch with heads held high and the cheers of the Sports fans ringing in their ears. It was also a nice touch that the BHA first team squad were in attendance to give their second string deserved support.

Talking of second strings, The Boro reserves finally managed to end their season on Tuesday evening. With only one game left that could affect league position, they are guaranteed third spot, or possibly second. I think it's fair to say that Sean and his backroom staff have brought some good prospects through the ranks and I have no doubt they will carry on the sterling work next season.

It's also very easy to overlook the amount of behind the scenes activity that never seems to get mentioned other than within the confines of Priory Lane. Not only does Sean manage the reserves but also the under-18's and this on top of working for a living!! Along with all his team he displays the ultimate professionalism and passion that we are proud of at our club. He also must have the gift of the gab to manage to get a goalkeeper's dad between the sticks when he ran out of options! With Jonno pacing around each and every stadium the youngsters play at, entertainment is never far away and I trust he will be giving me quotes a plenty next season!!

And so to the fans' team. Last Sunday saw 15 of us drive up to South London to take part in a tournament with Fisher Athletic, Dulwich Hamlet and Millwall supporters teams. Bearing in mind that this was our first year as a unit, I have to say that all the lads were a credit to Eastbourne Borough FC and we made new friends. Dulwich only had eight players so in two matches Boro boys donned the pink and blue and turned out for them. Myself and Craig also refereed several matches! It showed just how the true spirit of football is alive and well.

Millwall were a force to be reckoned with and having been together for some 13 or 14 years, it looked ominous. We faced Fisher in the opening game and came away 2-1 winners and a special nod to Patchy for what was almost the best ever penalty save. Quote of the tournament was also heard in this match, when defending, a Fisher midfielder was heard to shout out "Get a Fish head on the ball". Now that would have stunk in the blazing sunshine!! Millwall turned us over with relative ease but with a victory over Dulwich, we were thru to the final. Millwall vs. Eastbourne Borough. Now that sounds a tasty tie!

Each of the games throughout the day were a straight 30 mins, no half-time etc. With Boro having just played The Hamlet, there as a short break of ten minutes before the final. The Lions had just had a 35 minutes rest. I took the whistle and it was game on. The boys in red not only matched the yellows but even had the cheek to put Millwall on the back foot for a long period of time. I cannot recall seeing so many back passes to a keeper in one game. It wasn't until the 28th minute that the first goal went in. Within a minute it was 2-0 to the guys from London and no way back.

The manager of Millwall also paid us a nice compliment when he said we had a good bunch of lads and the nucleus to go on in the world of Fans Team Football. To each and all of the players that day, take a bow guys, you deserve it. A last name drop is to Craig Collins. At just 16 years old he has organised matches and opponents for the supporters team virtually single handed. Well done Craig.

So, Bloggers, that's just about it. From the first day of the new season, through to the very end. I hope that you have enjoyed my weekly off the wall observations on life at Priory Lane and I also hope to be back for the next episode in the fortunes of The Sports. Have a great summer and see you all in August.... Jim.