After storming the Camden Crawl, Brighton indie rock group Brakes returned home to a rapturous welcome from a packed Prince Albert pub.

Opening with the daring ‘Shut Us Down’, Marc Beatty’s boisterous bassline guitar and lead singer Eamon Hamilton’s brazen vocal made for stupendous entertainment.

Reflective yet raging lyrics are the hallmarks of Brakes tunes, with lines “I covered my body in Vaseline and slipped through a gap” rubbing shoulders with songs inspired by bank charges.

Signing with FatCat record label for their new album Touchdown, the band offers a salad bowl of different genres touching upon house music in ‘All Night Disco Party’, country in NY PIE and punk in Spring Chicken.

With an enthralled audience ready, the Brakes packed 25 songs into an hour and more, ranging from the seven-second sonic splash of Cheney to the drawn-out romance of No Return.

They seemed to have graduated from the brief style of their debut album to longer sets with ever so lyrical rants. Perhaps it’s just more grown up. The impressive performance was as astute as it was bestrewed between genres. With Alex’s unassuming and assertive drumming and birthday boy Tom White exuding brilliance as a lead guitarist At the Prince Albert, their stage presence generated enough heat to turn the sauna of a venue into a furnace. The good news is they are coming back to perform at Brighton’s Great Escape on May 14.