Has Robert Jones been looking at the same roadworks as the rest of us in The Avenue (The Argus, May 4)?

He states there are vehicles using the green as a “raceway for short cuts”. The article states barriers “are now in place” to block these so-called short cuts. These barriers have been there from day one.

I take offence to him saying that people are tearing up and down and using the green as a car park because we can’t use our driveways.

I live near the end of The Avenue which is currently closed. I can’t use my driveway so yes, I park my vehicle on the grass. But the workman from the council said we were allowed to. They stop anyone who is not a resident from doing this.

I and my fellow neighbours do not tear up and down the green as there are dog walkers and children who still play on the green. Do you think we would be that stupid? Obviously you do.

Yes the grass is getting damaged. The works vehicles are heavy and have large tyres. Perhaps he would like to take a walk down to look at them more closely then he would see for himself.

The workmen, by the way, have been extremely helpful in this situation, helping my mum get her shopping to the house and helping my dad get his work tools into his car.

These roadworks are a pain but are there to sort out the pot holes and speed bumps so they are for your benefit as well, Mr Jones.

V White The Avenue, Brighton