WITH ALL the building going on in London and elsewhere for the 2012 Olympics, why not construct a block of one-bedroom flats that could be used afterwards for all the MPs registered to attend the House.

After the Olympics, the MPs would be allocated a flat. This could be undertaken on similar lines as Lincolns Inn.

There the lawyers all pay collectively from their business. In the case of the MPs, the £20,000 a year they claim and extras would be scrapped and go towards the upkeep of the said hostel.

As and when an MP quits or retires, his flat would be passed to his successor.

The £20,000 plus these MPs receive actually buys them a second home. This money equates to £400 per week extra on their wages.

When they retire, do they pass this second home on to their next in line? I don’t think so. This home is counted as a Government bonus that they can sell and pocket the money.

What I have proposed will put a stop to that. The extra money saved could help improve our NHS, schools or housing.

I believe, like a great many people I talk to, that there are too many hands in the honey pot and the lid needs to be shut tight. Labour needs to act for public confidence.

Mr M Forrest Vale Road, Portslade