I would like to clarify a couple of issues raised by G Pumfrey (Letters, April 30) about paying council tax via PayPoint.

First, council tax payments made at PayPoint are recorded as paid by the council on the day of payment, even though the cash does not reach the council’s bank account for up to five days.

This is normal practice and is the same when we put money into our private bank accounts – it appears on our statement before the cash is actually available to use.

Second, the 50p charge for card payment is nothing to do with PayPoint. PayPoint is a cash-only service – apart from paying for a TV licence – and is free to all users.

The decision to levy a charge for card payments for any transaction is made solely by the retailer to cover the costs he incurs in doing so.

Peter Brooker Head of Corporate Affairs PayPoint The Boulevard, Shire Park Welwyn Garden City