Art Brut launched on to the British music scene with a mission: to encourage people to start their own bands and change the industry from within. But six years on, it is clear frustration is setting in.

“Brighton, if I come back here and you aren’t all in bands I’m going to kick your heads in,” shouted frontman Eddie Argos during second song Bad Weekend. “I normally say I will be disappointed, but this is serious.”

Similarly, in new song Art Brut Vs Satan, the band took on the British record buying public, as well as the questionable lyrics of Kings Of Leon and The Killers.

Eddie admitted there was a lot of hate on the band’s setlist but still found room for songs about his first love Emily Kane and the two constants in his life: DC Comics And Chocolate Milkshake.

Where some bands play, Art Brut perform, from guitarist Jasper Future’s communicating with the crowd, Eddie jumping into the audience for the classic Modern Art, and even the drummer standing up behind his skins.

If Top Of The Pops ever returns to television, Art Brut should be the first act on to show everyone how it is done.